Aroma Home Essentials Range Home Detox Set of 3 Oils
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Venture into the world of aromatherapy with one of our oil sets from Aroma Home.

Blended essential oils are a great way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy without having to mix your own - they're the perfect introduction! The blends are carefully formulated to calm, relax, invigorate and energise your home, mind, body and soul; they have a variety of complimentary benefits that you can enjoy a multitude of ways without the need for a qualified aromatherapist.

The Home Detox set is perfect for creating a fresh and fragrant environment; it offers a variety of ways to create more pleasant and enjoyable aromas and help to banish hard to shift cooking, smoking and pet odours. The set contains 3 individual essential oil blends:

  • Kitchen – a beautiful blend of lemon, clary sage and lavender to provide a cleansing, fresh and calming ambience.
  • Hallway – an uplifting blend of peppermint, lemon, rosemary and lavender to reinvigorate and freshen the air.
  • Home - a fresh blend of cypress, lemon and juniper to freshen and cleanse the air and to provide a grounding ambience.

The 3 blends are each presented in a bottle and are perfectly packaged together in a branded gift box.

Unlike some air fresheners, these oils are all natural and free from synthetic fragrances and nasties.

How to use: the pure essential oils can be added to a diffuser or oil burner to fragrance a room; in a facial steamer or bowl of hot water to be inhaled; to soothe the body they can be used for massage, added to a hot bath or put on a hot/cold compress. It’s important to follow correct instructions provided for direct application or dilution before use.

Each bottle contains 9ml of essential oil.

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