Aroma Home Serenity Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser
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Venture into the world of aromatherapy with one of our room mists from Aroma Home.

Aromatherapy mist sprays diffuse fragrance and essential oils into your home, they smell amazingly fresh but are also beneficial to your health and wellbeing; they can simply freshen the air in a room, help you to relax or sleep, energise you and even aid getting rid of a headache!

This particular room spray is perfect for engerising and awakening; a vibrant blend of eucalyptus, grapefruit and peppermint uplifts the spirit and invigorates the mind, revitalising stale and fusty air. The room mist is presented in a handy pump top bottle and perfectly packaged in a branded gift box.

Unlike some air fresheners, this room spray is all natural and free from synthetic fragrances and nasties (but please keep it away from your eye area).

Lightly spray in the room, car, or even over bed linen, allow the mist to settle and enjoy its benefits; as the mist disperses, the essential oil molecules travel through the air and are inhaled into the body to do their magic. It's a subtle but effective means of using essential oils.

Size: 100ml

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