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Bomb Cosmetics Lime & Dandy Soap Slice
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A luxuriously scented cleansing bar to allow you to take time out to spoil yourself.

A citrus heart comprising a fizzy soda of zesty lime, lemon and grapefruit; pure Lime and Lemongrass essential oils refresh, enliven and uplift.

This lime green soap slice boasts of ribbons of scent and colour, that make it look good enough to eat (but please dont!). Each 100g soap is wrapped for preservation.

Bomb Cosmetics soaps can be used like any normal bar of soap but they are much milder. Simply rub the bar repeatedly between wet hands until you form a lather to clean your skin with. Alternatively, rub the bar on a sponge.

Please note, as each soap is lovingly handmade, it may differ in design and colour slightly from the photo.

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