Lily-flame Fairy Wishes Candle Jar
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Fairy Wishes; a yearning love. Scented candle jar from Britain's best loved candle maker, Lily-flame.

Lily-flame - who combine yummy scents, bold designs and smile-inducing names - make their candles by hand in Somerset, England. Born from the bestselling Fairy Dust fragrance, Fairy Wishes has a slightly stronger scent with a fabulous fruity kick, with notes of rose, violet and sweet neroli.

Hand poured into a glass jar, finished with a paper wrap titled 'Fairy Wishes (A Yearning Love)' in metallic pink text. Enjoy up to 50 hours of this sweet scent.

Why is Lily-flame Britain's best loved candle maker? Because their scents are strong and always fill the room, even when burning!

Approximate size: 9cm x 11cm.

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