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Coffee and Cuddles with Jellycat

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Coffee and Cuddles with Jellycat

Coffee and cuddles with these Jellycat cuties are the perfect way to start the day! Embrace the adorable chaos with your coffee-loving friends who need some Jellycat magic in their lives.

Amuseable Coffee Cup is a classic blend of rich textures and delicious colours, with notes of quirky charm! This charcoal cup perks up any desk, filled with a suedette ombre latte. With corduroy boots, a cheery smile and a Jellycat stencil embroidered on top, this cup is full of beans!

Nothing beats a cosy coffee date with your Jellycat pals!


Amuseable Coffee Bean is little but powerful, giving a much-needed boost to all! With russet-brown fur, skippy cord feet, shiny eyes and stitched detail, this merry bean has even more beans inside, helping them perch on the kitchen counter!

Amuseable Espresso Cup is mini but mighty, with a huge personality! Sparky and soft, this creamy cup holds a scrummy serving of rich, fuzzy coffee. With adorable chocolatey cordy feet this espresso is always on the go!

Coffee, friends, and a little bit of Jellycat love! ☕🐱

The perfect partner for busy, dizzy days, that's Amuseable Coffee-To-Go! This nuzzly neutral cup is a keeper, with soft mocha fur, brown cordy feet and a chunky cordy tummy band. Start the morning with a smile!

Our loyal band of Jellycat collectors know they can come to More Than Just A Gift to experience the magic of Jellycat. All our Jellycat friends are available on our website and we offer a range of delivery options so you can get your Jellycat fix fast! You can see our Jellycat range in person, in our shop at Narborough Hall where we have the most gorgeous display of all your favourite Jellycats.

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