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Sophie and Simon at Narborough Hall | More Than Just A Gift


Our Business Story. 

Hello, thank you for visiting our website. I’m Sophie and along with my husband Simon, I own More Than Just A Gift at Narborough Hall. Our shop is our shared passion and we have worked together on it for the last 25 years, supported by our wonderful little team. We're absolutely passionate about curating the most beautiful gift selection for you to choose from, whatever the occasion. 

We are very lucky to work doing something we love so much, but growing up neither of us ever imagined working in retail. Back in 1993 we met on the very first night of Freshers Week at the University of Sheffield. I was studying Archaeology & Prehistory, Simon was doing a Law degree, so you see, no intentions of running a shop back then!

Two years before this, my parents, Paul & Wendy, had opened a Gallery in the front rooms of my childhood home. Mum and Dad had bought Narborough Hall in 1976 as a dilapidated wreck and spent the next few decades restoring it but it was a classic money pit. They were both teachers and the demands of the house meant they always had to generate extra money on the side. Opening a Gallery was an idea for the house to generate an income to help cover the maintenance. They sold paintings, some vintage and antique items as well as a few cards and gifts.

I’d always been fascinated by the gift side of the business and was really involved in the set up and running of it while I still lived at home. After I left for Uni I’d help out in all the holidays and Simon often came with me, then he started dabbling too!

We graduated in 1996 and started applying for jobs. In the meantime, we carried on helping with the business. We had loads of ideas and started trying them out. We increased the cards and gifts dramatically, repainted, installed new displays, designed a logo, and did lots and lots of marketing! Soon, things began to take off. What had been just offsetting some of the costs of running the house was now beginning to actually make money!

Soon it became clear that we were onto a good thing. My parents retired and Simon and I have continued to build the business. We're always searching for the latest and loveliest gift ideas to share with you so that you can have the pleasure of giving more than just a gift to your friends and family too. 

It’s our mission to make giving easy for you so, whether you visit us in person or online, we make certain you'll easily find the perfect present.

If you need any help at all, email us at or call us 0116 286 6885. We are ready to assist you.

Happy Gifting, 

Sophie x