Five reasons we're still mad about unicorns!

Unicorn Gifts at Narborough Hall

 I've always loved unicorns ever since I read a book called ‘Catwitch' when I was a child. The book is about a cat who is a witch (obviously) but at the climax of the story the slightly dim and very ordinary white pony that Catwitch has been friends with all the way through the story turns out to be a unicorn and dramatically saves the day. From then on, I've been fascinated by unicorns.
Although they've been featured as motifs in art since the middle ages, they're even more popular than ever right now, so what is it about unicorns that makes them so hot right now? Read on for our top five reasons.

1. Unicorns are special - They're horses (and we love horses) but so much more than your average horse. They are the ultimate extraordinary spin on something ordinary.

2. Unicorns are magic - They can grant wishes and represent every happydream that we ever clasped our tiny hands together and tried to hope into reality.

3. Unicorns are positive - Unicorns have been associated with good in nearly all cultures and times. They represent love, health, harmony and nature.

4. Unicorns are free - You don't see many unicorns wearing bridles and saddles do you? Unicorns don't belong to anyone, in mythology they could be tamed by fair maidens but it was also impossible for anyone else to catch one.

5. Unicorns are fun - Unicorns are now inextricably linked to rainbows, sparkle, glitter and everything joyful. Whether they're leaving a trail of glitter behind them or jumping over a sparkling rainbow, you've got to love their happy vibe. When you're living in an age where things seem darker and scarier than you'd like then its natural that we are all drawn to this cheerful reminder of innocence and fun.

If you can't get enough of unicorns either, here are a few magical, mystical, must-have pieces from our unicorn collection;


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