Singles Day

Monday 11th November is Singles Day (光棍节). Originating in China, Singles Day started as an obscure anti-Valentine's celebration for single people; it is always celebrated on 11/11 because the number 1 signifies being alone. Today however, it is much more of a celebration of self-love and a shopping holiday for all - it is so much bigger than Black Friday! Singles Day is slowly making its way across the rest of the World, and thanks to celebrities like Emma Watson, the celebration of being single is emerging right here in the UK.

Emma Watson - Getty ImagesImage from Getty Images

Since turning 30 earlier this year, British female actress Emma Watson has recently expressed to Vogue magazine "I'm happy being single, I call it being self-partnered'. She was feeling anxious and stressed about the pressures she faced hitting 30. Are you married? Do you have children? Have you got your own home? But she has overcome those challenges and says "it took me a long time, but I'm very happy [being single]."

But what does all this mean? Well, we think YOU deserve a treat, whether you're single or not, because everyone deserves a little me-gift. So, for 11 hours only this singles day, we're giving you 30% off site wide when you spend £100. Go on, treat yourself! Savings start at 12pm Monday 11th November (ends 11pm Monday 11th November). As well, you can choose an extra treat at the checkout, on us, on any order over £35 (whilst stocks last).

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