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Now, more than ever, we are happy dancing every single time someone like you buys from us! Whether that sale is £100 or just a card, it all adds up, and every penny right now gets ploughed back into the business to ensure it will still be here for you when this crisis is over. 

And it’s not just us doing a happy dance. Your purchases mean that we have the means to be able to pay our suppliers and ensure their companies’ survival too. 

Many of those businesses are in the same position as we find ourselves right now. With no choice but to furlough staff, founders like Rachel Ellen and like Simon and myself, are back at it. Doing every little thing ourselves, just like we did when we first started up. And just like we were back then, we are determined to make a go of it, no matter what it takes. We don’t have a choice, because our and our staffs’ livelihoods depend on it.

So, with our wonderful team furloughed safely at home (and very much missed) it is hard work. But, it is amazing how much you can do in just one day when you really need to! We can’t promise absolute perfection, but we can promise that we are absolutely committed to doing our best to support you, our customer, through this time. Every item is picked, packed and despatched with scrupulous hygiene and a lot of care. We know that the survival of our business is reliant on people like you, who choose to support small, independent businesses like ourselves. 

So when you order from us, I hope you get a good feeling thinking of us doing our happy dance. We hope you and your loved ones do a little happy dance when you receive your deliveries too!

For more tips on lots of ways to support small businesses, look out for our next blog post. 


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